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To date investing in pokemon cards is a very profitable activity, there are many people who opt for this form of investment. For some, Pokémon trading cards have become a real business.

In any case, you should always be very careful, since collectors' products are different from financial instruments.

In fact, it is not uncommon to make wrong investments and find yourself buying cards or sealed products that lose value after a short time. Basically, before entering this sector, it is essential to know the world of Pokemon cards and collecting in general which, like any other, follows precise rules. Investing in the right product is not luck, but the result of passion and knowledge. 


Collecting Pokémon cards for investment is therefore possible, but a methodology must be applied, here we are not just talking about passion where you buy an asset for mere pleasure, but here it is a question of making passion collide with economic revaluation.


Our mission is precisely this, to share and disseminate our studies, our analyzes on a Pokémon product for investment purposes, why we buy it, why we don't buy it. Besides that, we are here to help you value your cards. Some have treasure, and they sell it for less than their real economic value. 


Since our analyzes have brought excellent results over the years, we felt we wanted to divulge and share our work with all enthusiasts.

For those wondering we are two guys and thanks also to our graphic-designer Marco we managed to accomplish our goal.

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